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Welcome to the world of water! We have over 100 varieties of aquatic life for you to choose from. From a single Goldfish or Beta fish in a simple bowl to a huge aquarium with plants, lights, and Stingrays aquatic environments are always a beautiful and interesting choice.

Most fresh-water fish take very little time to maintain, and you will find that a single fish in even a simple aquarium can make a very intriguing pet.

Fish are available in a myriad of sizes, colors and prices - finding one to suit you won't be a problem.

There are a few things to consider when selecting and purchasing your fish. Your new pet will require a few things for a healthy and happy life. The selection of your bowl or aquarium is important as it should be appropriate to the size and type of fish you wish to own. Decorations for your bowl help to keep your fish occupied and content.

Water conditioning liquids or tablets are also very important. Certain chemicals are added to most drinking or tap water to help keep the water clean. These chemicals help keep us healthy but can be harmful or fatal to your fish. Water conditioners are added (usually only a drop or two is all it takes) to your fishbowl or aquarium to neutralize these chemicals and keep your fish healthy and safe.

Food is also available in a wide variety of forms. From flakes and pellets to dehydrated shrimp, we can assist you in selecting the perfect delectable for your new friend.