At Animal World, our goal is to provide the healthiest and happiest life for you and your pet. We sell everything you might need (and much more!) to provide for your pets.

From bedding and toys for your hamster, to worms and aquarium decorations for your reptile, we have it all. Find hundreds of different items for your fish aquarium; lights, decorations, hardware such as filtration systems, nearly anything your pet could ever long for.

We also carry a wide range specialty health products and food for your cat or dog. Nearly all of the foods we sell are prepared specifically for the pet you have in mind. We are the experts at preparing you to be the chef your pet has always dreamed of.

We also have one of the largest selections of pet enclosures and aquariums in Southern Alberta. From five or ten gallon starter aquariums to massive wall-aquariums mounted into solid oak - we have far more than we could ever tell you about. Stop by and let one of our friendly staff assist you in finding exactly what you need.