Pet Birds in Medicine Hat


Birds are fun and beautiful pets. Animal World in Medicine Hat carries a variety of pet birds for your consideration. As one of the most intelligent animals, birds are constantly learning and their very inquisitive nature makes them one of the most fascinating and rewarding pets to own. With their higher than average intelligence, birds can be trained a huge variety of tricks and antics, and of course they are small, making them great pets for kids, elderly persons or the disabled. Compared to our four-legged pets, most birds are easy to care for and maintain as cleaning a bird cage daily is much less work than walking a dog(especially during our winters) or cleaning a litter box.

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Birds are comparatively inexpensive to maintain and do not require large living quarters. They are very long-lived pets - some birds can live to be over 100 years! They also are usually extremely social animals that develop very strong bonds with their owners and are often every bit as loving as a cat or dog. In most cases, birds are not considered "pets" in rental property agreements that restrict the ownership of other animals.

Birds vary dramatically in their behaviors, some being much more vocal and others higher maintenance. Choosing the right bird as a pet is something we would love to assist you with. Stop by the store to browse our selection.