Looking for Pet Lizards in Medicine Hat? We Can Help!

Aside from being very interesting (and somewhat prehistoric to look at) there are many reasons why a reptilian friend might be the right choice in a pet. You’re invited to Animal World in Medicine Hat to view our lizards, turtles and other critters on display. We’re here to answer your questions and set you up with everything you’ll need to create the perfect home. 

For people who have allergic reactions to our feathered and furry friends, reptiles can make ideal companions. As they are hypo-allergenic, they are completely safe for people who have even severe allergies to other animals. 


Reptiles do not require large enclosures and are inexpensive to feed. Certainly lighting and heating in some cases should be considered as a cost requirement, but once their home has been established, they can live healthy and happy lives with little or no additional costs aside from food and supplements.

Even in Medicine Hat, busy lives and schedules can make spending quality time with a pet difficult. Leaving almost any other animal for hours or days alone is unspeakable, however your reptilian friend would probably thank you.

A couple of major considerations when selecting a reptile for a pet: Although some lizards only live a few years, some species of reptiles can outlive us. Also, some reptiles can grow to become quite large requiring some major upgrades and possible expenses a few years down the road.

As with any pet, it is important that you spend some time researching the pet you are considering, and with that, we are always glad to help! Stop by Animal World today.