View Our Selection of Mice, Hamsters and Ferrets in Medicine Hat


From mice and hamsters to sugar gliders and ferrets, our Medicine Hat pet shop has all sorts of furry, four-footed friends to choose from. Many different considerations must be made when selecting from this variety of pet.

Some are quiet and docile, while some can be noisy and rambunctious at times. Others are comfortable relaxing or sniffing around in the palm of your hand. Your lifestyle and the amount of time you will have to spend with your pet must play a major role in your decision. For instance, sugar gliders are a very unique and interesting pet, but are nocturnal and very social animals requiring much interaction and should ideally be kept in pairs to keep them as content and happy as possible. Lop bunnies, on the other hand, are always quite docile if handled regularly and are very quiet.

All of these are fun and extremely cute animals that make great pets for the right person. Come on in at any time and have a look. 

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